Jun 22, 2013

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99 reasons why you should workout and eat well

1. Because it just fucking feels good.
2. Because if it doesn’t feel good you should learn to love being in discomfort.
3. Because you’ll look more attractive.
4. Because there’s no rational reason someone would want to not be healthy.
5. Because it makes you strong.
6. Because it makes you tough.
7. Because your future and/or current children deserve to have parents like superman and wonder woman.
8. Because that cute guy/girl you like at the gym might be there, and today might be the day they notice all them gains.
9. Because you want to be more of an animal than animals are.
10. Because that one kid called you fat in middle school.
11. Because you want to prove people wrong.
12. Because you want people who haven’t seen you in 10 years to look at you in shock and awe, not pity.
13. Because unless you have someone waiting on you for sex right now the pump is the next best thing.
14. Because being the “person who works out a lot” stereotype is the coolest fucking stereotype.
15. Because being able to squat or deadlift twice your body weight is fucking cool.
16. Because it’d be a shame to never know what you can accomplish.
17. Because you’re probably not doing anything that important anyways.
18. Because it just sounds kind of like common sense that you should do it, doesn’t it?
19. Because a strong mind is fostered by a strong body.
20. Because people are either unable to workout because of a disease, or they are diseased because they refused to workout. Either way it’s not in the picture.
21. Because God didn’t give you a body to just waste it.
22. Because if you don’t believe in God there’s a lot of fucking awesome things that still must’ve went into creating your existence and it’s a waste to look at all those crazy ass odds and just sit on the couch eating bon-bons.
23. Because being the greatest human being you can be is impossible without health and being fit.
24. Because it’s a direct correlation to success in life.
25. Because it shows you that goals can be a binary equation. You put the effort in, you hit the weight, you succeed.
26. Because it’s cool as shit to be able to run a marathon.
27. Because it’s even cooler to do a triathlon.
28. Because it’s also cool to deadlift or squat 1/4 a ton. (500 pounds)
29. Because it’s cool to be able to do the human flagpole.
30. Because it’s cool to be a real life ninja.
31. Because none of the superheros you admired as a kid were slow, weak, out of shape and lazy.
32. Because super human strength isn’t a super power, it’s an attainable goal.
33. Because setting new records is an amazing feeling.
34. Because you will live longer.
35. Because the people around you will begin to envy you.
36. Because the people at the gym are usually nicer than your average person.
37. Because there is an unspoken bond between fitness and health enthusiasts.
38. Because fitness and health are not one dimensional, if one style does not work for you there are other styles and ways to be fit and healthy.
39. Because if you feel you’ve hitten a plateau in one dimension of fitness or health you can now work on becoming great in another.
40. Because no one ever looked at someone in awe and went “Wow, they’re so out of shape! I wish I was that out of shape!”
41. Because the average is getting worse and worse every day. Don’t be the average.
42. Because feeling superior in some aspect to others actually feels pretty damn good.
43. Because someday someone may try to take advantage of you or overpower you and you’ll be glad you’re strong.
44. Because predators prey on the weak.
45. Because when you’re strong you’re a protector not a victim.
46. Because if you can run long and fast then someday you may be getting chased by a bear and be happy you can run long and fast.
47. Because it’d be better to be on that “I survived” show because you were in shape than dead because you were lazy.
48. Because there are people out there who can’t workout.
49. Because there are people out there who can’t eat well.
50. Because getting in touch with your body is necessary if you want to be spiritual.
51. Because fast food and unhealthy food has to be getting kind of boring.
52. Because how many episodes of the Jersey Shore are you really going to watch?
53. Because it’s just 4% of your day. Seriously?
54. Because afterwards you will sleep better and harder.
55. Because hormones are what make you feel alive.
56. Because there is no more compounded cause of hormone spikes than working out. Well, there’s sex.
57. Because if you work out you will have more sex.
58. Because you will perform better sexually.
59. Because you’re more likely to keep having and enjoying sex as you get old.
60. Because it reduces erectile dysfunction.
61. Because you probably won’t get home and go “I wish I didn’t do that workout”.
62. Because you will never go “I wish I didn’t eat healthy that meal”.
63. Because people who exercise are literally happier.
64. Because people who exercise are less likely to put up with others shit.
65. Because people who eat well and workout have better self control.
66. Because others will respect you more.
67. Because you’ll get sick less.
68. Because your bones will be stronger.
69. Because you’ll be less stressed.
70. Because you’ll shit better.
71. Because you’re less likely to go crazy and suffer from mental illnesses.
72. Because you don’t want to disappoint yourself.
73. Because you’ve got other things to do after you work out and procrastinating is just time you’ll never see again.
74. Because you’ll stand straighter.
75. Because you don’t have to be in a sports league to be an athlete.
76. Because looking like you’re in swimsuit season in the middle of December is a nice surprise to those who get to see.
77. Because really, what are the benefits to not eating well and being fit?
78. Because this isn’t a zero sum game. Working out once a week is better than none. Eating 3 healthy meals and 2 bad snacks is better than eating like shit the whole day.
79. Because sooner or later you’ll wish you started now.
80. Because having sweat pouring down your face makes you feel like a badass.
81. Because statistically people who exercise make more money.
82. Because you won’t know you don’t like being healthy and in shape until you’ve been healthy and in shape.
83. Because you’ll experience fuller, deeper, better breaths.
84. Because you can make the new you at any time.
85. Because when you’re in shape you fit into more clothes.
86. Because people aren’t as likely to give you a hard time for doing weird things if you have a good body.
87. Because when people give you a hard time you won’t give a shit because “Fuck you, my body rocks”.
88. Because it’s a cheap way to kill an hour.
89. Because your asshole gym coach from high school would drop their jaw if they ever saw you deadlift twice your bodyweight.
90. Because it’s an excuse to just listen to your favorite music for an hour every day.
91. Because the gym is one of the only places where you’ll have an excuse to grunt loudly.
92. Because whoever has abandoned you in life should see what they missed if you ever run into each other again.
93. Because 10 years ago doesn’t matter, 1 year ago doesn’t matter, 1 month ago doesn’t matter. You can’t change the past but you can change tomorrow.
94. Because when you give commands or make requests you should feel like you’re worthy of having them followed through on.
95. Because fully clothed or naked you will still look better if you’re healthy and fit.
96. Because if something could be better, it’s as good as broken.
97. Because health and fitness are one of the only controllable variables in your life.
98. Because “what if” is the worst question in the world to have to ask yourself.
99. Because we fucking said so.

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  1. phillip says:

    Workout because all the hot chick do. 🙂

  2. phillip says:

    I love number 92 by the way. 🙂

    • Muscle Motivation says:

      Thanks! That’s a strong one for us when we go to the gym too.
      Show people how wrong they were!

  3. Because I was tired of being sick and tired, and decided to do something about it!

    • Muscle Motivation says:

      Sick and tired sucks. We hate sick and tired. It’s amazing some people go through their whole lives feeling that way, glad you got that handled.

  4. Because I like winning tennis matches a lot more than losing them

  5. ROFL!

  6. Gary Brewer says:


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