Here at Muscle Motivation, it is our absolute goal and desire to inspire, motivate, educate, and flat out get you jacked up. In here, you will find different fitness tips on weight lifting, diet, cardio, supplements, and more. You will also find motivational articles and videos; along with in depth blogs about health, success, fitness, mindset, attitude, and how to use “muscle” to get what you want out of life.

But why listen to us?

This is not OUR information – we are simply the messengers of this information. We are and have been obsessed with fitness and health for years now, and in that time we have come across an abundance of information, and that brings us to the two reasons we built this site – Muscles and Motivation.

With Muscles, as we went through our journey and still go through it, we have dealt constantly with conflicting view points, hard to understand programs, and total misinformation, and had we properly processed all of that in the beginning, we would have made progress a lot faster. So we want to set you forward on the right track from the very beginning, and share with you information that we’ve obtained directly from high level personal trainers, fitness models and body builders, highly qualified studies developed by years of research by major institutions, scientists and nutritionists. Beyond all of that, you can trust the information we are giving to you is on point, because it’s the exact same information we use to grow and build our own bodies – and we are VERY picky and precise about that.

With Motivation, we didn’t begin on the levels of the majority of top level fitness models and body builders. Like you, we have had struggles all throughout our journey and likely still will. We have dealt with weak willpower that has been rooted in our minds since we were children. We were NOT top level athletes in high school, we started out exactly where many of you started, and from there have had to find our own ways of pushing ourselves forward, when we didn’t have the original stepping stones to do so. So we found ways that helped our minds drive us forward to success, as well as the people around us.

And so as you follow us, and hopefully learn from what we have to share and grow from it. Know that we are not perfect, and we are constantly growing as well, because enough, is never enough.


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