Feb 3, 2013

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Do what makes you feel alive

People have a problem. They have a problem with doing things that make them feel good, instead of making them feel alive.

What that means is, think of all the things you just kind of like doing. Sleeping in, watching YouTube videos, maybe play some video games, watch a little TV. Those may make you feel kind of good, you laugh a little, smile, it’s easy to sit back and do.

Those things are fun and all, but you don’t feel alive, like really alive doing those things, do you? I may like watching the Walking Dead, but I don’t feel alive doing it.

So, what’s feeling alive about then? It’s experiencing the full range of human emotions and senses. Happiness is just one emotion. When warm hater hits your skin, and you feel like it feels good, that is simply one single spot on the spectrum of feeling of just one of your five senses. Ever jumped into a freezing pool of water? Could you feel more alive? Smelling fresh cool air. Crying your heart out for whatever reason you see fit. Getting so angry you not only hit or throw things, but you obliterate them. Seriously, try it. There is something freeing about completely destroying something.

People seek happiness all their lives, but they do it half asleep, they do it as they gripe and complain about every feeling they experience that’s not happiness. Consider that it’s not happiness you should seek, but the feeling of being alive that you should seek. Without sadness, there is no happiness. Without anger and tension, there is no calm. If you never feel freezing cold water, you never know just how good being warm really feels. It’s the yin and the yang, the balance is important.

The logic so many people follow is so backwards anyways. If you hate feeling angry, sad, tired or pain because you would rather feel happy, wouldn’t the same logic follow that you should hate happiness? Because if you didn’t know happiness, if you didn’t know how good something felt, then you would never know how bad it feels on the opposite end. Of course, we don’t do that, and we don’t think that way, because it’s insane and fucking depressing.

Experiences are just experiences, thoughts are just thoughts, emotions are just emotions and sensations are just sensations. Observe them as what they actually are and maybe you won’t feel so empty, so cold, so dead or so miserable so frequently.

So what are we getting at here? After all, this is “Muscle Motivation”, not “Preachy Life Lessons”.

When people go to the gym and try to start getting into lifting, they are filled with all these bullshit excuses.

  • “I’m tired.”
  • “My muscles are burning.”
  • “My back hurts.”
  • “I feel weak.”
  • “I feel bad about myself seeing other people who look better than me.”
  • “I feel like everyone is looking at me.
  • “I’m out of breath.”
  • “My lungs hurt.”

Maybe it’s time you shut the fuck up with the excuses, the complaints, and all the average bullshit. Maybe it’s time you recognize the things you feel, and let them fuel you instead of holding you back. Maybe, just maybe, when you start doing this, you’ll see some results. You’ll find yourself wanting to do anything. Because anything that makes you feel anything is better than doing nothing that makes you feel nothing. You’ll start feeling fucking alive, and stop with this mindless coasting through life.

Maybe just maybe you’ll be happy.

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